Today’s Woman will introduce the "Today's Woman" photo competition entitled "Women in Iranian Society," featuring our interview with prominent photographer Mr. Reza Deghati who will serve as the judge for the competition.

News and Views updates on the investigation into the Mubai attacks, and features coverage of Sec. of State Rice’s trip to Pakistan. NaV also covers the recent US Congressional report on WMD’s, and discusses Iran’s missile technology with Henry Sokolski, the Executive Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center. The broadcast continues with its series on censorship in Iran, with more on the history of censorship.
From Inside Iran there’s an interview with two student activists on the occasion of 16 Azar (December 6 - Student Day in Iran).

Live from Brussels, Belgium, Mr. Ebrahim Nabavi, an Iranian satirist, will join Roundtable to draw comparison between the role and effect of satire in the western worlds' politics versus that of Iran. He will bring some of his own writings to discuss with our audience.

Late Edition updates on the US congressional report on terrorism. There’s also a look at collection of vintage cameras, a preview of the Grammy music awards, and a review of the new film Frost/Nixon.

Newstalk fetures its roundup of PNN journalists who will discuss the news of the week.