Today’s Woman features an interview with Zainab Al Swuii, the Director of the American Islamic Congress, and following is a Brief report from the Washington Conference on Middle East Studies Association.

News and Views covers the meeting between President Bush and Israel PM Olmert where the two leaders held their last meeting in their official capacities, and continue to hold out hope for a definitive Middle East peace agreement. NaV continues its reporting on the world economy, and features coverage of President Elect Obama’s just unveiled economic team.
The broadcast also covers comments by US ambassador to the IAEA Gregory L. Schulte who said that the change in administrations in Washington would be a good opportunity for Iran to enter new negotiations to end its uranium enrichment program, but warned that Iran should not expect drastic changes in the U.S. position from President-elect Barack Obama.
From inside Iran there’s an interview with a journalist S. Rafizadeh regarding reports that the Basij (Islamic militia) will replace police forces to fulfill security and control cities, deputy of Iran’s police chief said.
There’s also an interview with the Kurdish human rights activist, Ejlal Qavaami to discuss a meeting with a banned political party leader in Tehran, H. Tabarzadi, and the chief executive of a government-made human rights organization.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Bita Hamidi, an immigration attorney will join us to talk about the Green Card Lottery and the fact that there is less than one week time left for registration for the Diversity Visa program. Dr. Hamidi will also discuss the steps that needs to be taken after a registrant has won the lottery.

Late Edition updates on President Elect Obama’s new economic team. There’s also a story about restaurants in the US, classic cars in the UK, the African MTV awards, and a review of the new film Australia.

Newstalk hosts Dr Rob Sobhani in DC and Nasser Mohammedi in London to discuss news of the day.