Today's Woman will take a satirical look at relations between the opposite sexes, the subject of essential sex differences and challenges faced by Iran's women's movement by interviewing well-known humorist Ebrahim Nabavi from Brussels, Belgium.

News & Views will have a live report from its Iraq stringer on the recent arrest an alleged senior Iranian commando from the elite Revolutionary Guard's Quds Force at Baghdad Airport. It will talk to blogger Roozbeh Mirebrahimi on the decision by Iranian authorities to block access to more than five million internet sites because they are "immoral and anti-social." Foreign correspondent Nazy Beglari will report on pleas made by United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon to Israel to ease the blockade of the Gaza Strip and Israel's decision to rebuff those calls. Today's newsmaker interview will be with Abdolkarim Lahidji, Iran's most prominent human rights lawyer on the overall human rights situation in Iran.

Roundtable will interview Dr. Mahmoud Amiri-Moghadam whose doctoral dissertation recently won the top prize in the medical field awarded by king of Norway.

Late Edition's top story is California's controversial ban on gay marriage. Movie Doubt, which centers on a nun (Meryl Streep) who confronts a priest after suspecting him of abusing a black student, will be reviewed. It will also feature the latest fashion show by Vivienne Westwood.

Newstalk's regular pundits, Journalist Alireza Nourizadeh and news analyst Mohsen Sazgara, will discuss the U.S.-Iraq security pact and the prospect for its passage in Iraq's parliament, the appointment of Iran's new Interior Minister, Sadeq Mahsouli, and an investigation recently launched by Iran's paliament looking into the unauthorized tapping of the country's foreign currency reserves.