Today’s Woman will discuss social interaction and overcoming gender segregation in Iran with our guest Dr. Azita Sayan, psychologist based in Los Angeles.

News and Views features reporting on the P5+1 meeting in Paris regarding Iran’s nuclear program. The program features news photos of what is alleged to be some of Iran’s nuclear facilities.
NaV also gives a preview of tomorrow’s “emergency” financial summit in Washington DC to discuss measures to restore global financial stability.
We also report that Iran, number two oil producer in OPEC, would support a decision to cut production by the cartel at an extraordinary meeting set for Cairo later this month
From inside Iran we have an interview concerning unrest in Baluchistan universities.

Roundtable hosts Lori B. Brutten, Outreach Coordinator for the US State Dept., to discuss the Democracy Video Challenge, which asks people across the world to produce a video about what “Democracy Is…”

Late Edition covers the issues surrounding Saturday’s emergency financial summit in Washington, DC. There’s a live interview with documentarian and choreographer Leili Ghobadi, a story about Buddhism in Nepal, and a live technology segment.

Newstalk features its review of the week in US foreign policy.