Today’s Woman will discuss the life and works of our in-studio guest Iranian musician Ms. Roya Bahrami.

News and Views covers reports that in the second such incident in less than two months, an Iranian diplomat and his driver were today kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Pakistan. We also analyze what may be discussed at this week’s meeting of the P5+1 in Paris. We will have reactions from the State Department on both stories.
Joining the broadcast is Dr. Mehdi Mozafari, author and professor of political science at the University of Arahus in Denmark and a former Professor at the School of Law at Tehran University. He will discuss the significance of Barak Obama's election in the United States and its impact in US-European and Iran's future relations.
From inside Iran we have an interview with Mohammad Oliyaeefard, attorney for the Baha’is and other expelled university students.

Roundtable is joined by Mr. Kianoosh Sanjari, former political prisoner in Iran's notorious Evin Prison. He will be in the Washington studio to discuss the un-warranted arrest of Iranian student Esha Momeni and the latest news on her whereabouts.

Late Edition features a report on the unique American aspects of the presidential transition. There’s also coverage of a London exhibition of the wonders of ancient Babylon, the highlights of the recent Country Music Awards, and a review of the new James Bond film.

Newstalk features its weekly PNN journalists round-up to discuss news of the week.