Today’s Woman will discuss the recent release of women's rights activist Esha Momeni with in-studio guest Ms. Fariba Davoudi Mohajer, journalist and activist based near Washington. The show will also include an update on the One Million Signature Campaign.

News and Views reports on the Iran’s test of a medium range missile near the Iran Iraq border and will have domestic and international reaction. We’ll also have a preview of tomorrow’s P5+1 meeting in Paris tomorrow regarding Iran’s nuclear program, and part three of NaV’s series on the State Department's Digital Outreach team.

From Insider Iran we have an interview with an editor from the popular moderate weekly, Shahrvand Emrouz The government has “officially” banned the most, which has been critical of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Roundtable features its audience participation program - the discussion will focus on President-Elect Obama's cabinet, and how the transition is proceeding.

Late Edition features an update on the transition to the Obama administration. There’s also coverage of the student movement in Iran, a performance in Germany of the band “The Killers,” a profile of a classic car collector, and a preview of the new film “Milk.”

Newstalk features political analysts Alireza Nourizadeh from London and Moshen Sazegara, in the DC studio to discuss news of the week.