Today’s Woman will discuss the worldwide reaction to Barack Obama's win in the US presidential election and the potential foreign policy of the Obama administration with our in-studio guest Dr. Masoud Kavoossi, Professor of international relations.

News and Views reports on the Obama presidential transition, and reports on who will and may make up the new administration. Dr. Abbas Milani will join live to discuss how U.S-Iran relations might change as a result of an Obama administration. NaV also reports the US Treasury Department is beefing up its sanctions against Iran's banks by banning certain types of fund transfers, the so called “U-Turn” transfers.
From inside Iran we will have an interview concerning a movement to impeach another Iranian cabinet official, this time possible the Minister of Education.

Rountable hosts live from Los Angeles Dr. Rashid Mossoumi. Dr. Mossoumi is a vascular surgeon and he will discuss heart disease.

Late Edition reports on the transition to the new Obama Administration. There’s also reaction to the new administration from cities around the world, as well as some Obama fashions. There’s also a live interview with Hoori Sadler, founder of the Persian American Cancer institute, and a review of new film releases for the week.

Newstalk features a discussion of the week in US foreign policy.