Today’s Woman will discuss viewer comments regarding the presidential election of Barack Obama. The remainder of the show will discuss the Iranian Film Festival in San Francisco with phoner guest Mr. Saeed Shaffa, Iranian film critic based in San Francisco.

News and Views will update on the latest on the US presidential election with the most recent facts and figures, and some of the still undecided races. We’ll also continue coverage of world reaction and reaction from Iran. Steven Clemons, Senior Fellow and Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation offers live election follow up.
Dr. Hermidous Bavand will discuss the reaction of Iranian National Front to election of President elect Barak Obama from Tehran. Dr. Bavand is Professor of Tehran University and the member of the executive Committee of the National Front of Iran.
From Inside Iran we have an interview with the Lawyer Mr. Ahmadi, attorney for a Kurdish student sentenced to 10 years jail. There are 17 Kurdish students in jail in Iran , one is sentenced to death.

Roundtable hosts Azar Naficy and Ladan Boroumand to discuss personal responsibility under a dictatorial government.

Late Edition reports on the African American reaction to Barack Obama’s election as US President. There’s also continuing coverage of world reaction to the Obama’s election, a live medical wrap-up, coverage of the death of author Michael Chrichton, a story about an emerald museum in South America, and the dating scene in China.

Newstalk features its weekly PNN journalists round-up. Topics include reactions to the US elections.