Today’s Woman features an exclusive, pre-recorded interview with Dr. Melissa Wall, the professor of Esha Moemeni (imprisoned women’s activist). The second and third blocks of the show will focus on drinking age and kidney donation.

News and Views offer coverage of tomorrow’s US Presidential election. In addition to up to the minute reports, we have profiles of the candidates, as well as reactions from Iran, the Middle East, and the rest of the world to the campaigns.
From inside Iran we have an interview with Dr M. Maleki to discuss the Requirement that students to wear uniforms at Tehran University.
There’s also an interview with a member of Amir Kabir university association to discuss the many students from Amir Kabir University who were summoned to the judiciary centers or arrested by the judiciary police in last days.

Roundtable discusses the latest on the US Presidential election and offers profiles of the candidates.

Late Edition features on how the US election is being viewed in Iran. There’s also a report on how the US Supreme Court might be affected by a new president. There’s also a live sports segment, and review of a film festival in Los Angeles, and an auction of Iranian contemporary art in London.

Newstalk features a discussion about Human rights in Iran and around the world.