Today’s Woman hosts Mina Ahadi, on the phone from Cologne, to discuss her recent speech "The Global Effects of Violence Against Women." Shayan Samii will be on set to discuss the poll numbers of Obama and McCain.

News and Views continues its reporting on the US incursion into Syria. Mid East expert Salmeh Nematt will be live on set to discuss the ramifications in the region.
Professor Massoud Yahyazadeh, professor of accounting and finance at the school of Management, George Mason University, joins the program to comment on the global financial crisis.
The broadcast advances its coverage the female Iranian-American student detained in Iran. Shirin Ebadi is interviewed to discuss this and Momeni’s involvement in the “Change for Equality” campaign.
From inside Iran we have an interview with lawyer and researcher Ms. Pourfazel to discuss the independent groups holding ceremonies for Cyrus the Great Day On October 29th. The day has been designated as the international day of Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, who declared the first charter of human rights in the world in 539 BC.

Roundtable features its Audience Participation show in which viewers react to topics from the past days.

Late Edition features coverage of the impact of the Hispanic vote in the US presidential election. There’s also a live report of the student movement in Iran, coverage of the “Burning Man” festival, musician Bjork’s new album and comments on the Green Movement, and celebration of the recently deceased actor Paul Newman.

Newstalk features political analysts Alireza Nourizadeh from London and Moshen Sazegara, in the DC studio. Topics include foreign UAE in Tehran, Iraq/US security agreement, latest on the VAT protests, and the US elections as it relates to Iran.