Today's Woman:The show will host Omeed Koohi, the spokesperson for one million-signature campaign in California. He will discuss the case of Asha Momeni, and the reason for organizing the campaign.

News and Views:
Wall Street joined world stock markets in a precipitous plunge on Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrials dropping more than 300 points in early trading and all the major indexes falling more than 4 percent.
Speaking at the close of a two-day Asia-Europe meeting in China's capital, Asian and European leaders said they have reached a broad consensus on ways to deal with the global financial meltdown.

The First Two Days:
The show will discuss the impact of the drop in oil price on Iran’s economy with Mr. Shohrab Sobhani, an energy expert.

Late Edition:
Top Story: Israel’s possibility of an early election. The show will also cover the Palestine soccer game.

The show will discuss Iran and the region’s latest events with Dr. Mehrdad Khansari, Dr. Sirous Amouzgar, and Manashe Amir.