Today's woman began with coverage of current events, including a phone interview with Mr. Hossien Mahoutiha from the Iranian Human Rights Activist Groups in Europe and North America, on executions of minors in Iran. The show discussed the status of student activists in Iran with phoner guest from inside Iran student activist Mr. Amin Nazari. Next, a phone interview with Mr. Mohammad Saifzadeh, lawyer from inside Iran, was conducted on the new punishment substitution bill. The last segment discussed the way the economy impacts stress.

News and Views led off with a story on the new Russia/Qatar/Iran inspired oil block and then transitioned into the state of the world economy and the upcoming OPEC meeting.

Roundtable with you had a viewer participation day taking phone calls and emails from viewers.

Late edition opened with a piece looking how different people are reacting to the economic downturn. According to a study by the American psychological association older women are feeling the most stressed in the wake of the economic downturn. Late edition also looked at the issue of a new strain of drug resistane Tuberculosis.

Newstalk did a roundtable discussion of the days major news events with host Jamshid chalangi and guests Mohsen Sazgara and Alireza Nourizadeh.