Today’s Woman will discuss an upcoming student protest to take place in Iran with phoner guest Mahdieh Golroo, student activist from inside Iran. The following segment will discuss a gender based admission bill in Iran and it's social impacts on girls with phoner guest Shiva Nazar, student activist from inside Iran. The last segment will discuss the importance of hands on training for students.

News and Views continues its reporting on the global financial crisis with an update of the US plan to invest in US banks. Dr. Jamshid Assadi, Professor of Economics and finance at the University of Paris, will join the program live to discuss.
The broadcast reports that Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said that countries of the world pay for the US wrong economic policies, IRNA reported. Larijani made the remarks in his keynote address to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting in Geneva on Monday.
NaV also advances coverage of widespread strikes by traders in Iran which prompted the government to suspend a controversial sales tax. A value-added tax (VAT) on all goods officially came into force in September, and some merchants continue to strike despite the suspension. We will have an interview from inside Iran on this. Also from inside Iran is an interview regarding the recently dismissed university professors.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Hassan Mansour who will join live from London to discuss the economic aftermath of oil prices drops and the economic rescue plans.

Late Edition Updates on the global financial crisis. There’s also a report on the Taliban in Afghanistan, the drinking age debate in the US, a review of the new film W, about president Bush, and a performance by the band Fall Out Boy in Spain.

Newstalk hosts Dr Rob Sobhani in DC and Nasser Mohammedi in London. Topics include the VAT strike in Iran, Iranian foreign loans, and Majlis Speaker Larijani’s visit to Shiraz University.