Today’s Woman will include an update on the Family Protection bill in Iran with our guest Ms. Leili Pourzand, lawyer and human rights activist based in Toronto. The following segment will include a phone interview with Dr. Ramin Ahmadi on a new report released by the Iranian Human Rights Documentation Center. Dr. Ahmadi is a board member of the Iranian Human Rights Documentation Center and is based in New Haven. The last segment will discuss the status of Siamak Pourzand, imprisoned journalist in Iran.

News and Views reports that the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq said American intelligence reports suggest Iran has attempted to bribe Iraqi lawmakers in an effort to derail a bilateral agreement that would allow U.S. troops to remain in Iraq after the end of this year.
NaV will continue its reporting on the global economic crisis, and Europe’s bank bailout. The economic anxieties caused in part by the West's financial crisis have escalated tensions between President Ahmadinejad's government and Iran's merchants, and we continue our coverage of delayed imposition of the tax on business transactions. Dr. Siamak Shojaei, professor and dean of Hartford University's business school, will join to discuss. The broadcast also advances its coverage of the North Korea nuclear situation, with domestic and global reaction to recent announcements that the country will dismantle its nuclear program.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Homayoun Moghtader. He will be live from Los Angeles to discuss the realities and pitfalls of the Green Card lottery.

Late Edtion continues its reporting on the global financial crisis. We’ll have a live medical report, coverage of the US National Football League, a review of the new film Quarantine, and a profile of the new Nobel Prize winner in Economics.

Newstalk features a discussion with Elahae Hicks about human rights in Iran and around the world.