Today’s Woman will be dedicated to voices from Iran featuring pre-recorded viewer phone calls, e-mails, and an Iranian blog segment that will examine marriage and relationships.

News and Views will continue its reporting on the global financial crisis. Joining to discuss is Economist Dr. Cyrus Bina, who will also analyze the suspension of Iran’s news sales tax.
NaV will cover the Iran and Pakistan’s meeting to finalize the gas pipeline deal.
The broadcast reports that Israel's PM said he received assurances that Russia would not allow Israel's security to be threatened, but offered no indication he won the concrete promises he sought on Russian arms sales or sanctions on Iran, and NaV will update on the P5+1 discussions regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

Mr. Mehdi Khalaji joins Roundtable to discuss Iran, Iraq, and the Battle of Shia and Sunni.

Late Edition updates the global financial crisis, and what business might best weather the storm. Also we report on the passing of artist Ardeshir Mohases, the Nobel Peace prize winner, the 2nd part of a profile of the first Iranian player in the National Basketball league, and a live interview with Bahman Tavakoli, Founder and president of Mehregan 2008 Persian Autumn Festival in Orange County, California.

Newstalk features a discussion of the week in US foreign policy. Joining is Professor Aram Hessam and topics include Sec of State Rice’s trip to Libya, the India, Pakistan, and Iran gas pipeline project, and Egypt’s Foreign Minister’s trip to Iraq.