Today’s Woman will discuss characteristics of the modern man featuring an original package, a blog segment, a phone interview with Iran based lawyer Mr. Mohammad Owlyaee, and an interview with Los Angles based psychologist Dr. Homa Mahmoudi.

News and Views reports that Iran's state TV says Iraq's parliamentary speaker has arrived in Iran to discuss the US-Iraq security deal after initially being turned away. Mahmoud al-Mashhadani is supposed to discuss the "Washington-Baghdad security agreement" with Iran's leaders to sound out their views.
Also covered are reports that Iran delivered a letter to EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana on Monday which stressed that foreign pressure on Tehran would not resolve the dispute over its nuclear program.
The letter was handed to Solana, who has represented six major powers in nuclear talks with Iran, by Iran's ambassador to the EU.
The broadcast will update reports that the Pentagon denied on Tuesday an Iranian news report that a U.S. military aircraft had violated Iranian territory and had been forced to land in Iran, saying all American planes were accounted for.
From inside Iran we will have interviews concerning Iran’s dependency on oil revenue, and regarding women’s rights in Iran.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Kamran Dadkhah, live from Boston, to discuss the aftermath of the US economic rescue plan.

Late Edition has an update on the US presidential campaign. There’s also a report on the new Nobel prize winners, a new documentary about the global water crisis, a story on how the global credit crisis is affecting Russia’s rich, and a profile of singer Gwen Stefani.

Newstalk hosts Dr Rob Sobhani in DC and Nasser Mohammedi in London. Topics include Iranian MPs getting $100k for cost of living increases, problems Iran’s education system, and the latest on Iran’s nuclear program. There’s also a live preview of tonight’s presidential debate.