Today’s Woman will include a blog segment about gender-based discrimination in Iranian universities. Next, the show will include a segment with pre-recorded viewer phone calls followed by a segment dedicated to viewer e-mails.

News and Views will report on last night’s VP days, with an emphasis on the topic of Iran, and analyst Babak Yektafar will offer live commentary. We’ll also have a live shot from our correspondent from the site of the debate for additional insight
NaV will continue its reporting that the US has granted rare approval to a US-based American Iranian Council (AIC) to establish an office in Iran, the State Department said Thursday, stressing however that US policy towards the Islamic republic has not changed.
The broadcast covers Iran’s Foreign Minister Mottaki’s speech last in New York city, and we also have an exclusive interview with French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, as well as interviews from inside Iran concerning that country’s non-violent movement.

Roundtable host Arash Sigarchi. He’ll be live in DC to discuss the crackdown on Internet use in Iran.

Late Edition has a report on the Vice Presidential debate. There’s also a profile of Hamed Hadadi, the Memphis Grizzlies newest basketball player, a live interview with Hossein Alizasdeh of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, a review of new movie releases, and a story about a Russian drug rehabilitation facility.

Newstalk features its review of the week in US foreign policy. Topics include the fourth round of sanctions on Iran, the VP candidate debate as it related to Iran, the US financial crisis, and President Bush’s meeting General McKiernan, US Commander in Afghanistan.