Today’s Woman will discuss ways to gain self-confidence with our guest Dr. Fosjan Zaini based in Los Angeles

News and Views reports on major powers meeting in Washington on Friday to debate a fourth round of UN sanctions against Iran. The United States as well as France, Germany and Britain have been pushing for additional sanctions to punish Iran after Tehran has so far refused to stop its uranium enrichment program. Russia has disclosed that it will sell military hardware to Tehran that will protect Iran's nuclear facilities. Russia's state arms dealer also said Thursday that it would sell anti-aircraft systems, armored personnel carriers and fighter jets to Venezuela. Jewish groups yesterday disinvited Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin from Monday's anti-Iran rally in Manhattan - bumping her after Hillary Rodham Clinton pulled the plug on her own appearance. Iran’s central bank will revalue the Islamic Republic’s currency by slashing at least three zeros as inflation continues to soar, state radio quoted the bank’s governor as saying. NaV will be joined live by Edward P. Djerejian Amb. Djerejian to talk about his recent article on U.S.-Iran relations. Jackie Shire. From the Institute for Science and Security in New York to discuss the latest IAEA report on Iran 

Roundtable hosts Mr. Nasser Mohammadi to discuss Iranian youth and the plague of drug addiction.  He will be live from London 

Late Edition leads with the Israel’s political situation.  There’s also a profile of performer Hamed Nickpay, an interview with Fariborz Davodian, Iranian American actor, director, producer, to discuss the new movie The Stoning of Soraya, and a segment about smoking during Ramadan

Newstalk will discuss the week in US foreign policy.  Topics include the heating rhetoric between the US and Russia, the P5+1 meeting in Washington, the latest IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program