Today’s Woman will focus on the musical works of Mohsen Namjoo, including several clips from his San Francisco performance. The remainder of the show will discuss the life and works of our guest Farinaz, Iranian rapper based in Holland.

News and Views
reports that U.S. prosecutors are charging eight foreigners and eight overseas businesses for helping to ship thousands of micro chips and other sensitive parts to Iran, in violation of U.S. trade bans. Officials say similar chips were found in improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The broadcast will have a spokesperson from the State Dept. on live to discuss.
There is also reaction to Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni's tight victory in the race to replace Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as head of Israel's governing party. We’ll have Israeli journalist Farnoush Ram to analyze the events.
From inside Iran NaV will advance its reporting on the arrests of teachers in Tehran. We’ll have a former secretary of the teacher union on the phone to discuss. There’s also interviews regarding the price of gas in Iran, and the decision by the government to float the price of fuel. Dr. Ali Granmayeh from England will be on the phone to discuss the Russia/Georgia situation as well as Russia’s relations with Iran.

Roundtable features a discussion with viewers about the topics and events of the past weeks.

Late Editionreports on the new leader of Israel’s Kadima party. There’s also coverage of a show of Iranian art in London, the youth vote in the US elections, and a story about Argentinean wine.

Newstalk convenes PNN’s journalists for a round-up of the week’s news. Topics include attack on US embassy in Yemen, the security situation in Iraq, and the P5+1 meeting in Washington regarding Iran.