Today’s Woman discusses obstacles in education in Iran with phoner guests from inside Iran student activist Mrs. Bahareh Hedayat and Mr. Parviz Safari, sociologist and political activist. The following segment will discuss a blog on the difficulties of the university entrance exam and will include a phone interview with Mr. Rashid Esmaelie, student activist inside Iran.

News and Views reports on the latest findings by the IAEA that Iran is still stalling a UN investigation into its disputed nuclear programme, refusing access to documents, individuals and sites, the UN atomic watchdog said in its latest report on the crisis. 

News and Views covers domestic and global reactions, with Germany and France calling for further sanctions on Iran.The broadcast also reports that five former secretaries of state, gathering to give their best advice to the next president, agreed Monday that the United States should talk to Iran, and NaV reports that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard will take over security in the Gulf.Joining NaV live is Dr. Karim Pakravan of De Paul University and the University of Chicago, former executive vice president of JP Morgan to discuss the economic crisis, and Deputy Director of State's Sudan Affairs, Jason talk aboutIranian aid to and involvement with Sudan...against Darfur.

Roundtable will be joined by Dr. Behzad Touhidi to discuss inflation in the Iranian Economy & Its effects on the populaces' buying power.

Late Edition will update on the political situation in Israel. There is also a medical wrap-up, a report on “addiction” to handheld PDA devices, a report on the passing of Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright, and a “virtual” tour of cities in Italy.

Newstalk hosts Dr Rob Sobhani in DC, Nasser Mohammedi in London, and …