Today’s Woman will include an interview with guest sociologist Dr. Mehrdad Darvishpour who will join us from Stockholm. The discussion will focus on the execution of minors and human rights violation in Iran.

News and Views covers the Human Rights Watch report that Five countries, led by Iran, account for all executions of children in the world. Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen are the only countries that continue to impose the death penalty on people younger than 18 when they committed a crime.
The broadcast will also update on reports of 6.1 or larger magnitude earthquake that struck southern Iran on Wednesday near Bandar Abbas, site of a major Iranian oil refinery.
Janice Jacobs from the US State Dept. will be live on set to discuss the US visa issue. The segment will be open to email questions.

Roundtable hosts Saad Eddin Ibrahim to talk about democracy and freedom fighting in the Middle East. He’ll be live in the DC studio.

Late Edition covers the announcement of a reduction of US troops in Iraq. There’s also a live report on the World Food Fair, a story about the UK artist Damien Hirst, a look at Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive, and a profile of designer Karl Lagerfeld

Newstalk features political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh from London and Moshen Sazegara, in the DC studio. Topics include the earthquake in Iran, the family bills in parliament, and Al Qaeda’s recent video accusing Iran and US as collaborators.