Today’s Woman will discuss the Republican National Convention with PNN's Dr. Shayan Samii. The remainder of the show will include a discussion on self-confidence with guest Dr. Fojan Zaini, Los Angeles based psychologist who will join us from Las Vegas. The definition of self-confidence and ways to acquire it will be addressed.

News and Views reports that Iran has gestured a desire to hold a new round of negotiations with Iraq if Baghdad asks for a new round of tripartite talks.
Also covered is US Secretary of State Rice’s “historic” trip to Libya, a platform she hopes to use to send a message to Iran and North Korea regarding their nuclear program.
NaV will have Babak Yektafar and Shayan Samii live on set to talk about the convention and the US presidential race.

Roundtable hosts Dr. Mohshen Milani to discuss Senator Obama and McCain’s foreign policy towards Iran.

Late Edition features a wrap-up and live discussion of the last day of the Republican convention. There’s also a story about Pakistan’s future, a preview of the Paraolympics in China, a look at the “Wishing Tree” John Lennon and Yoko Ono planted in Washington DC, and a profile of the rock band REM.

Newstalk discusses the week in US foreign policy. Topics include Secretary of State Rice’s trip to Libya, the state of Iraq’s Al Anbar province , and VP Dick Cheney’s trip to Georgia and that country’s potential NATO membership.