Today’s woman will have a live report from PNN's Gita Arian from the Republican National Convention. Next, the show will discuss internal and external challenges women musicians in Iran face with our guest Ms. Sahba Motallebi, Iranian classical musician based in Los Angeles. The discussion will then focus on the life and accomplishments of our guest, creativity and Iranian classical music, and the importance of music education.

News and Views reports that Gulf Arab countries urged Iran at a meeting late on Tuesday to remove the offices it has installed on a disputed island in the strategic Gulf waterway and backed the United Arab Emirates’ claim to the territories.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Iran's nuclear program may provoke an attack by Israel, urging the Islamic republic to accept international inspections. ``Iran is taking a major risk in continuing its process of obtaining nuclear weapons, which we are certain is happening,'' Sarkozy said.
International relations professor Dr. Dennis Jet will discuss Bolivian President Evo Morales' trip to Tehran, as well as Hezbollah's purported presence in Venezuela. He will be live onset.

Roundtable hosts Ali Reza Jafarzadeh to discuss the Camp Ashraf security transfer from US to Iraqi security forces.

Late Edition continues its coverage of the Republican convention. There also will be a report on the Venice Film Festival, Blues Music in Memphis, Tennessee, A fashion show in Australia, and a live report on Google's new search engine.

Newstalk features its weekly PNN journalists roundup. Topics include Venice Film Festival’s Iranian films, French Pres Sarkozy’s comments in Syria re Iran and Israel, a meeting of Ban Ki Moon in Geneva.