Today's Woman: The show will begin with coverage of current events, focusing on upcoming Republican Convention. Next, the show will discuss the impact of US election on Iran’s economy. Our guest is Dr. Asadi, the Persian economist from Paris.

News and Views: New Orleans residents were ordered to flee an only partially rebuilt city on Saturday as another monster storm bore down on Louisiana nearly three years to the day after Hurricane Katrina wiped out entire swaths of the city. Egypt opened its border crossing with the Gaza Strip Saturday, allowing some two thousand Palestinians to cross into Egypt or return to the Hamas-controlled territory. Our guest is Dr. Morteza Anvari, Political Analyst.

The First Two Days: Our guest, Dr. Ali Reza Nourizadeh, discusses the latest events of Iran and the region.

Late Edition: Top Story: GOP Convention Preview.

NewsTalk: The show will discuss Georgia crisis and EU conference regarding that country, US elections, Iran elections, and the latest on Iran’s nuclear program. Our guests are Dr. Mehrdad Khansari, Dr. Sirous Amouzegar, and Mr. Dastmalchi.