Today’s Woman will discuss the Democratic Convention in Denver, with Gita Arian, our reporter who will cover the event. The next segment is the Blog segment on executions and its effect on society, with a phoner Narges Mohammadi, the head of Iran's Human rights defender's association. The last segment is a medical segment titled Are You a Right- or Left-Brain Thinker?

News and Views leads its broadcast with comprehensive coverage of the Democratic convention in Denver. Our correspondents, Setareh, Guita, and Siamak are there will be live in both hours, and we will have live analysis from Washington.
We also feature an exclusive interview with Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel. He called President Ahmadinejad the most dangerous man of the 21st century, but says “our golden times with Iran from Cyrus the great to modern time and I'm sure that one day we will have our good relations with Iran.” The two part interview is complimented by a live shot from Jerusalem with our correspondent.
We have an interview from inside Iran regarding Reporters Without Borders voicing concern about the treatment of journalist and human rights activist Emadoldin Baghi who earlier this month was placed in an isolation cell in Evin prison, Tehran instead of being transferred to hospital.

Roundtable hosts Mr. Ilan Berman, vice president for policy at the American Foreign Policy Council to discuss the Russia/Georgia Conflict and its effect on Iran. He’s in the Washington, DC studio.

Late Edition has a live report from the Democratic Convention, and a profile of Michelle Obama. There’s also a medical segment, a story about the Tibetan opera that performed at the Olympics, and coverage of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Newstalk is joined by Rob Sobhani and Dr. Feraydoun Khavand, Professor from University of Paris. Topics include Iran’s economy and a report from the Democratic Convention.