Today’s Women: discusses gender relations in Iranian Cinema. Our guest is Mr. Shahram Tabe-Mohammadi, an Iranian movie critic and director of the International Diaspora Film Festival, who joins us from Toronto, Canada.

News and Views: Covers U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit to Baghdad for meetings with Iraqi officials on the draft security agreement between the two countries. Reports on British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's visit with British soldiers in Afghanistan; a car bomb blast in Izmir, Turkey, a blast in Pakistan, Russian reaction to Poland missile defense system agreement.
Our guest is Suria Dellawar, a foreign media analyst for Carmi International and President of TrueBridge Consulting to discuss the impact of President Musharaf's resignation on Afghan-Pakistan relations.

Roundtable: guest is be Dr. Esmaeil Nouri-ala from Denver, Colorado.
Dr. Nouri-ala will discuss the implications of the separation of church and state in Iranian Society.

Late Edition: reports on the latest developments on the U.S.-Poland missile defense agreement, and Russia and Poland reactions.

Newstalk : Host Jamshid Charlangi is joined by Ahmad Rafat from Rome, Italy, Ali Sajadi in the Washington studio, Mr. Mohammad Reza Chahid from Paris and Ali Javanmardi, from Iraq. Topics will include torture in the Moqtada al Sadr mosque and Secretary of State Rice's trip to Iraq. We will also discuss the impact of the President Musharaf resignation in European capitals as well as and events in the Olympics.