Today’s Womaninterviews Ms. Elahe Amani, Chair of the Women Intercultural Network based in Los Angeles. Ms. Amani will discuss the achievements of the network in America and around the world as well as the need for women's structural networks in Iran. The last segment will discuss the effects of the Family Protection bill on the international Persian community with phoner guest Mr. Hassan Asadi, Chair of ADVAR Islamic Graduate Student Organization in Iran.

News and Viewsreports that stepped-up international pressure and sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program are hurting its economy, making trade financing and payments difficult and discouraging foreign investment, according to an IMF report published on Thursday. The IMF said profits of state-owned banks have been hit hard by U.S. and U.N. economic sanctions, forcing the government to recapitalize three banks.
Iran and Turkey have agreed to increase their cooperation on trading energy, President Abdullah Gul of Turkey said Thursday. Ahmadinejad also said on Thursday that Turkey and Iran would cooperate in fighting against terrorism and drug trafficking.
Jackie Shire from Institute for Science and International Security to discuss that organization’s new study on why destroying Iran's nuclear facilities militarily is not an easy task.

Roundtablehosts Mr. Hoji Alimi in the DC studio. He’s the CEO of Oculus Innovative Sciences and will discuss Medical Technology.

Late Editioncontinues its coverage of the Russia/Georgia crisis, and will have perspectives of the US presidential candidates. We’ll have a live interview regarding “political” rap music, a report on bicycle use internationally, and a review of the animated film “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Newstalkfeatures a wrap-up of news in US foreign policy. Topics include the Georgia/US crisis, the US/Poland missile shield agreement, and the Lebanon/Syria deal and its impact on the region.