Today’s Woman will discuss the work of Iranian filmmaker Nahid Persson highlighting her recent documentaries "Prostitution Behind the Veil" and "Four Wives- One Man". The following segment will focus on the work of Iranian women filmmakers Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri and Simin Farkhondeh, "Caught Between Two Worlds: Iranian in the USA". The last segment will discuss child labor and abuse in Iran and around the world.

News and Views continues its reporting on the crisis in Georgia with US and international reaction to the conflict. Our UN correspondent is covering the UN’s reaction to the situation will have an interview with the Russian Ambassador to the UN. We’ll also cover reports that Syria and Lebanon agreed Wednesday to establish full diplomatic relations for the first time in a step toward healing tensions that have fueled decades of turmoil in Lebanon.
The two countries have not had full relations since they won independence from France in the 1940s
Guests: Hassan Mansour -- Phoner from London on to discuss 5 additional sanctioned Iranian companies.
Touraj Atabaki -- from University of Leiden, The Netherlands -- a top expert on Iran/Turkey – to discuss President Ahmadinejad's visit to Turkey -- live on set

Roundtable hosts human rights activist Dr. Ramin Ahmadi from Doctors w/out Borders to discuss the arrest & execution of experts in Iran.

Late Edition continues its reporting on the Russian/Georgian crisis. There’s also a story about biking in the US, and medical report, and a review of the new Woody Allen movie “Vicky Christina Barcelona.”

Newstalk features PNN journalists discussing the week in news. Topics include: Sec. of State Rice in France to discuss the Georgia/Russia crisis and the EU stance on the issue, the latest on Iraq, and Iran’s nuke program vis a vis additional US sanctions.