Today’s Woman will discuss the role of Iranian women in the Olympics including a blog segment and a phone interview with Ms. Solmaz Sharif, founder of ShirZanan, an online publication dedicated to Iranian women sports. The last segment will discuss ways to break up gracefully including an original package.

News and Views will have an interview from inside Iran concerning reports that a Iranian Sunni rebel group claimed on Monday to have kidnapped three Revolutionary Guard officers and executed two policemen captured in June after talks with Tehran failed to secure their release.
NaV continues its reporting on the Georgia/Russia conflict, and we will acknowledge how Iranian media is portraying the situation
There’s a guest from Mercy Corps (the global relief and development agency) because it is responding to the needs of displaced people in Georgia after intense fighting erupted there last week.
Dr. Reza Taghizadeh from will be a phoner from Glascow, Scotland to discuss Iran-Europe nuclear negotiations -- what next?

Roundtable hosts Dr. Abbas Safavian from Paris to discuss the Shah of Iran's Illness. Dr. Abbas is a Medical Doctor and was the Shah's personal physician.

Late Edition continues its reporting on the Georgian/Russian crisis. There’s also a report about new Internet search engine, a story about corporate sponsors of the Olympics, and a profile of a former monk that now designs “green” furniture.

Newstalk is joined by Elahe Boghrat in Berlin, Professor Dr. Zibakalam from Tehran University,and Dr. Rob Sobhani in the DC studio. Topics include the latest on the Iran Family Bill, 20 professors fired from Tehran University, and the recent arrests of journalists in Iran.