In recognition of the International AIDS conference, Today’s Woman will be dedicated to issues relating to HIV and AIDS. The first segment will include a live report from PNN correspondent Hamed Behravan from the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City. Next, the show will include an interview with in-studio guest Dr. Mahboobeh Safaeian, AIDS researcher from the National Cancer Institute, on recent AIDS prevention, current research, and overview of the AIDS crisis in Iran. A pre-recorded interview with Dr. Amir A. Afkhami from George Washington University on stigmatization of AIDS will also be featured.

News and Views will report that European Union nations have introduced fresh sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, including restrictions on public loans and tougher cargo inspections, the EU presidency announced Friday.
Justin Logan will be our guest, live on set today. He’s Associate Director of Foreign Policy at The Cato Institute on Iran's nuclear program. He’ll also discuss Ali Larijani's ascension to the position of speaker of the Majlis.
Corruption Series continues -- Friday's report focuses on the transfer of Alamkaseb from state run to semi-private, the lack of transparency in the changeover, the unaccounted for 100 million dollars and the company's head Vaez Tabasi, the son of a very important Mullah.

Roundtable hosts analyst / Sports Commentator Manook Khodabakhshian, from Los Angeles to discuss the Beijing Olympics: Politics of Sports

Late Edition reports on Russia’s incursion into Georgia. There’s also a live interview with a sports writer to discuss the Olympics, we have a wrap-up of the AIDS conference in Mexico City, and a profile of an Iranian /American painter.

Newstalk features its round-up of the week in US foreign policy. Topics include conflict between Russia/Georgia, President Bush at the Olympics, Iran and P5+1 discussions.