Today’s Womanwill discuss the Iranian cultural trait taarof, requesting young viewers to e-mail their opinions on taarof. The last segment will discuss a blog regarding privacy.

News and Viewswill report on NBC’s Brian Williams interview with Pres. Ahmadinejad, and will have State and WH reaction.
From inside Iran we will advance the story of Sunday’s hanging of 30 people. We speak with two human rights lawyers in Iran, one of whom was directly involved with the case.
The broadcast also reports that An Iranian court has jailed and fined the former head of a news agency for publishing lies, Iranian media reported yesterday. Masoud Haidari was managing director of the labour news agency ILNA, which often covered workers' protests and arrests of rights activists.
Tuesday Dr. Bijan Jalili from Geneva, on the recent Geneva talks and also will comment on Ahmedinejad's July 28 NBC interview.He is Professor of international politics at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva.

Roundtablehosts Veterinarian Dr. Payam Mohebbi to discuss the lack of attention & mistreatment of pets in Iran.

Late Editionreports on the situation in Pakistan. There is also coverage of the new “Virgin Galactictic” civilian space craft, a sports segment regarding Iran’s basketball team, and a “tour” of New York City.

Newstalk is joined by Nasser Mohamadi, via the London studio, and Dr. Sadegh Zibakalam from Tehran University. Topics include President Ahmadinejad’s NBC interview, Amnesty International’s recent human rights report regarding Iran, and Iran’s nuclear program.