Today’s Womanwill discuss with guest Ms. Roya Kashefi the Iranian women movement's potential nomination for the United Nations Human Rights Award. Ms. Kashefi is head of the Human Rights committee for the Association of Iranian Researchers and will be joining us from Paris. The last segment will focus on the proposed family law bill in Iran with phoner guest Ms. Narges Mohamadi, Vice President of Human Rights Defenders Committee in Iran.

News and Views
will continue its reporting that Iran hanged 29 people at dawn on Sunday after they had been convicted of murder, drug trafficking and other crimes. All were hanged inside Evin prison, north of the capital.
NaV will offer any available advance information from tonight’s NBC Brian Williams interview with Pres. Ahmadinejad.
Iran’s pres. is expected to say Iran is “seeking common ground” with the US and offers support to the idea of a US interests section in Tehran.
Dr. Reza Taghizadeh, an expert on Iranian affairs, especially the nuclear issue, will be a phoner guest from Glasgow on NAV -- to discuss the latest in the Iranian nuclear situation, as well as the visit of India’s Exterior Minister to Iran.
Iran is likely totry to gain India'ssupport forher applicationto join the UNSecurity Council next year.

Roundtablehosts Mr. Menashe Amir, journalist & political analyst, to discuss the aftermath of McCain & Obama trips to the Middle East.

Late Editionreports on the situation in Turkey. There is also a medical wrap up, a live interview with musician Shahkar Bineshpajoh, a story on the passing of Egyptian film director Youssef Chahine, and coverage of the US comic book convention “Comic Con.”

Newstalkhosts human rights activist Elahae Hicks for a discussion of human rights in Iran and around the world.