Today’s Woman’s co-hosts will interview journalist Ms. Shala Shafiq from Paris who will discuss a recent French court ruling denying citizenship to a woman based her religious beliefs.

News and Viewscontinues reporting on the back and forth re Iran’s nukes program: A senior envoy said Friday that Iran wants to expand its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, but said the IAEA should not be cast as a "U.N. watchdog" looking for signs of secret nuclear weapons programs. Senior cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Friday reiterated this stance and rejected a deadline for Iran to respond to an offer by world powers aimed at resolving the continuing standoff.
Our stinger in Northern Iraq will report that the governor of Basara has “officially” complained of Iranian activities in Basara.
GUESTS:Ambassador Robin Raphel will join NaV in the first hour to talk about reports that Pakistan is working with Iran on a joint-strategy to stem the flow of Islamist militants through their territory to and from Iraq.

Roundtable will be joined by Dr. Elizabeth Prodroumou - Vice Chair, Commission on USCIRF –to discuss hate and religious fanaticisim.

Late Editionwill report on Barack Obama’s speech in Berlin. There will be coverage of a new report about cell phones and cancer, reviews of new film releases, and an interview with composer Bahram Tajabadi.

Newstalkfeatures its Face to Face installment, with a profile of satirist Hadi Khorsanidi.