As a continuation of its weblog series, Today's Womanwill discuss a blog about age and youth. The remainder of the show will discuss the works of our in-studio guests singer Ms. Firouzabadi and composer Dr. Davoudiayan, including several packages of their performances.

News and Viewsreports that Pakistan is working with Iran on a joint-strategy to stem the flow of Islamist militants through their territory to and from Iraq, Pakistan's senior most interior ministry official said on Tuesday.
There's also reports that Agence France-Presse deputy bureau chief in Tehran, Stuart Williams, was told Monday by Iranian authorities that he must leave the Islamic republic within days. Williams, a U.K. citizen who has been in the country for two years, was given no explanation when he was informed of the decision after being summoned to the foreign press service at the Iranian Culture Ministry.
Economist Dr Kamran Dadkhah will discuss the US economic crisis and its global implications. We can also discuss what's going on with the economy in Iran, high housing prices, etc.

Roundtablehosts Abdollah Movahed to discuss Iran & Olympics

Late Edition will report on the 2ndanniversary of the invasion of Lebanon. We'll also have part 2 of our global entrepreneur series, a live report on Iran's men's basketball team in the US, and piece on a fashion show in Berlin.

Newstalkis joined by Nasser Mohamadi, via the London studio, and Rob Sobhani in the DC studio. Topics include latest on Iran/US nuclear negotiations, the food shortage in Iran, and drug smuggling in Iran.