Today’s Womanwill include an update on the status of student activists in Iran with our in-studio guest student activist Mr. Manouchehr Mohammadi. Next, the show will discuss issues related to divorce with our guest psychologist Dr. Homa Mahmoudi who is joining us from Los Angeles. The area of discussion will focus on a recent World Public Opinion survey regarding discrimination against divorced and widowed women.

News and Viewsreports that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Iran of not being serious at weekend talks about its disputed nuclear program despite the presence of a senior U.S. diplomat, and warned it may soon face new sanctions.Rice said Iran had given the run-around to envoys from the U.S. and five other world powers.
Gordon Brown threatened Iran with tougher sanctions as he became the first British prime minister to address the Israeli parliament. Mr Brown vowed that Britain would stand by Israel's side as it faced threats to its existence. Condemning as "abhorrent" presidentAhmadinejad's call for Israel to be wiped from the map, he said he would not stand by as Tehran sought to acquire nuclear weapons.
New York Studio with journalist Omid Memarian, who writes for Rooz online.

Roundtablehosts Dr. Abbas Safavaian, the doctor who treated the Shah’s cancer.The discussion will be about the era of the Shah.

Late Editionreports on Sen. Barack Obama’s trip abroad.There is also a medical segment, the first in a series on global entrepreneurs, and an interview with Hamid Frokhnejad on the death of Khosrow Shakibai

Newstalkfeatures a discussion of human rights in Iran and abroad with human rights activist Elahae Hicks.