Today's Woman: The show will begin with coverage of current events, focusing on issues related to women. The remainder of the show will discuss the tumbling global economy and how it affects women around the world, particularly in Iran. Our guest is Professor of Anthropology from the University of Rochester, Ms. Shahin Mounshipiour.

News and Views: The latest: Javier Solana and Saeed Jalili- Iran's top nuclear negotiator, spoke at a news conference in Geneva. They called the talks on the Iranian nuclear program positive and constructive. The two made their remarks after holding closed-door talks that, for the first time, were attended by a senior U.S. envoy - Under Secretary of State William Burns. Iran had a positive reaction towards the Geneva talks. A Shiite militia that has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of five Britons in Iraq more than a year ago said one of its hostages purportedly committed suicide, a British newspaper reported on Sunday. Our Guest is Mr. Hasan Masali, political activist.

The First Two Days: Sunday's guest is David Nahai who has been selected by the Los Angeles mayor to deal with Los Angeles water shortage and drought. He is the head of the city's water and power board.

Late Edition: Top story: US policy shift towards Iran.

NewsTalk: The show will discuss the latest events of Iran (The Geneva talks and its outcome, the increase in poverty in Iran, the new wave of arrests in the country). Our guests are Dr. Mehrdad Khansari, Parviz Dastmalchi, and Dr. Ali Reza Haghighi.