Today’s Womanwill discuss new research regarding the benefits of coffee intake. As a continuation of our weblog series, the next segment will discuss a blog about love and relationships. The last segment will discuss the recent execution of two women in Afghanistan. No guest.

News and Viewscontinues its reporting that Iran's president saying he would welcome direct talks with the U.S. if both parties are on equal footing, adding such talks could happen "in the near future." Ahmadinejad also said he will attend the next U.N. General Assembly in New York in September. He has attended every annual U.N. General Assembly meeting since he was elected in 2005. Dr. Reza Taghizadeh, Iran analyst and professor at Glasgow University, will discuss peace talks between Israel and Syria, and Syria’s warning yesterday that any attack on Iran's nuclear programme would have grave consequences for the US, Israel and the whole world.

Roundtablewill discuss the development of Encyclopedia IRANICAwith Mr. Ehsan Yarshater and Mr. Ahmad Eshragh.

Late Editionfeatures a medical report, coverage of a convention of US artists, a report on an eco-friendly disco, and a recent Madonna concert in England.

Newstalkis joined by Nasser Mohamadi, via the London studio, and Rob Sobhani in the DC studio. Topics include President Ahmadinejad saying he’s ready for negotiations with US, cooperation between Russia and Saudi Arabia.