Recognizing the anniversary of his death, Today’s Womanwill discuss the work of Iranian filmmaker Sohrab Shahid-Saless. The following segment will discuss pain as an art form focusing on the PAIN art exhibit. The last segment will dices the Iranian morality police's crackdown on youth and Islamic dress enforcement.

News and Viewsreports that 43nations, including Israeland Arab states, pledged Sunday to work for a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction at the close of a summit to launch an unprecedented Union for the Mediterranean aimed at securing peace across the restive region. We will have our Paris stringer
Also covered are reports that Russian state energy company Gazprom has agreed to help Iran further develop its oil and natural gas fields. Gazprom expressed interest in further developing Iran's South Pars gas field and in cooperating on other oil projects
1st hour - Christine Levinson. She's about to return to Iran and offer more of a reward for information about her mission husband, former FBI agent Bob Levinson.
2nd hour - Charles Vick, Senior Fellow at, to discuss Iran’s missile tests. He’s “Tony Cordesmanesque”and will give technical analysis of Iran’s missile capabilities.

Late Edition
covers the indictment of Sudan’s president on charges of genocide. There will also be a live interview with playwrite Soheil Parsa, the energy plans of the US presidential candidates, and a review of a new documentary about the band the Beastie Boys.

Roundtablewill recognize the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Abdolrahman Ghasemlou with a discussion with his wife Mrs Nasrin Ghasemlou.

Newstalkhosts Elahae Hicks from New York and Touraj Negahban from Los Angeles, for a discussion about human rights in Iran and around the world.