Today’s Woman’s program will be the first of a two day special dedicated to issues relating to sexual education. A house package report regarding the views of youth on sex education will be featured. Our guest is Dr. Azita Sayan, psychologist and human sexuality expert who will join us from Los Angeles.

News and Views
continues its coverage of the fallout from the consecutive missile tests in Iran.We will have additional domestic and international reactions, Menashe Amir, former head of the Israel Broadcasting Authority's Persian language division, will join us on the phone withanalysis from Israel.
NaV will report that Iran's top nuclear negotiator will meet with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana soon to discuss a package of incentives aimed at persuading Iran to stop nuclear enrichment.
We will also continue our coverage of Total possibly ceasing its energy investments in Iran.Our Paris stinger will provide background and we are efforting additional analysis from experts in this field.

Roundtablewill be joined by Mr. Ahmad Ahrar, Editor-in-Chief, Kayhan London, to discuss freedom of press and the crackdown on bloggers in Iran.

Late Edition
covers the latest in the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.There is also a report on the release of the latest I-phone, an Iranian artist’s exhibit in Los Angeles, and a review of three new films.

Newstalkfeatures a roundup of US foreign policy news.Topics include interviews with US representatives Howard Berman and Mark Kirk, and a discussion of Iran’s missile tests.