Today’s Womanwill discuss the One Million Signature Campaign in Iran with in-studio guest Ms. Fariba Davoudi Mohajer, women's rights activist, and Ms. Soheila Vahdatipanah, human rights activist joining us from San Francisco. Area of focus will be the strengths and weaknesses of the Million Signature Campaign, including a pre-recorded interview with women rights activist Ms. Mitra Shojai. Ms. Shojai spoke at the Iranian Women's Studies Foundation conference on the issue of the One Million Signature Campaign.

New and Views
will continue in report on Iran’s missile tests.Tehran conducted a second day of high-profile missile tests on Thursday, as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned the Islamic Republic that it would defend Israel or other allies in the region from any attack.NaV will have comprehensive coverage.With interviews from the WH, State,Israeli Journalists, and military analysts.The head of French energy giant Total said in an interview published Thursday that it is too politically risky to invest in Iran, dealing a serious blow to the Islamic republic's key energy sector.
Total is the last major western energy group considering a big investment.Our UN correspondent did an interview with Solana's spokeswoman Christina Gallach on
Iran's response to 5+1 package and the imapct of Iran missile tests on the negotiations.

Late Edition
will continue to report on Iran’s missile tests.There’s also a review of the new film Hellboy II, a report on a country music festival, and a story of the impact of rising prices on a US family.

Roundtablehosts sociologist Dr. Mehrdad Mashayekhi to discuss the global perspective on Freedom Movements.

Newstalkfeatures its PNN journalist’s news wrap up. Topics include world reactions to Iran’s missile tests, and France’s Total company possibly ceasing investments in Iran.