Today’s Womanwill discuss an annual report on the situation of university students in Iran. The report was recently published by the Iranian Human Rights Activists in Europe and North America and our guest is the organization's coordinator Mr. Hossien Mahootiha, who will be joining us from Montreal. The last segment will further discuss the status of university students in Iran with phoner guest Mr. Morteza Samyari, student activist in Iran.

News and Viewsreports that Iran test-fired its long-range Shahab 3 missile, capable of reaching Israel, as part of war games today, The test is part of war games being held by the Revolutionary Guards Corps in the Persian Gulf, it said. NaV will have US and international reaction to this story.
Dr. Hassan Mansoor, Professor of Economics and Energy at Schiller International University in London, will discuss these stories: A London-based unit of Iran's largest bank, Bank Melli, failed in a High Court challenge on Wednesday against an asset freeze imposed by the European Union.The US has imposed financial sanctions of Iranian citizens and business that contributed to Iran’s nuclear program.We are also seeking reactions from the State dept.
NaV also has a wrap-up from our reporter at the G summit.

Roundtablefeatures a discussion with Koroush Sehati regarding the anniversaty of the 18thTir student protests

Late Editionreports on the reaction to Iran’s missile tests.Other stories include the “Young 8” summit, a review of a new John Woo film, and an opera at NYC’s Lincoln center.

Newstalkfeatures political analyst Alireza Nourizadeh from London and Moshen Sazegara, in the DC studio. Topics include Iran missile test and reactions, G8 summit and Iran, and new tension between Iran and Egypt.