Today’s Woman will be dedicated to the 9th anniversary of the 18 Tir student protests in Iran. PNN's Kouroush Sehati, who participated in the protest, will be on set to discuss his experience. Our guest is Hamid Alizadeh, former student rights activist in Iran. He will be joining us from Los Angeles.

News and Viewswill report that the Netherlands will ban Iranian students from studying nuclear technology at its universities, the government said Friday. The ministry said the ban does not cover undergraduate studies up to bachelor's degree level, which are considered not to be specialised. We are contacting the Dutch Foreign Ministry for comment.
Iran started war games on Monday.Missile units of the elite Revolutionary Guards' naval and air forces began war games, Iranian news agencies said, hours after the U.S. Navy said it had begun exercises in the Gulf.
2nd hour phoner guest Abbas Milani will comment on this story as well as other issues of the day.
U.S. exports to Iran grew more than tenfold during President Bush's years in office even as he accused Iran of nuclear ambitions and helping terrorists. America sent more cigarettes to Iran - at least $158 million worth under Bush - than any other products.

NaV recognizes the anniversary of Iranian Student Movement of 18 Tir (July 8th) with guest
Farrokh Negahdar from London.

features a discussion with human rights advocate Ahmed Battebi regarding the anniversaty of the 18thTir student protests.

Late Editionwill have an update on the FARC rebel organization.The broadcast recognizes the 18thTeer student movement with a background package, as well as an live on set interview with student activist Kianoush Sanjari. Other stories include fashion collections from the Paris runways, and a review of the new film “Tell No One.”

Newstalkhosts Manoucher Mohamedi to discuss the anniversary of 18thTir and the student movement in Iran.