Today's Woman: The show will begin with coverage of current events, focusing on issues related to women. The next segment will include a report from the Iranian Women's Studies Foundation's conference taking place in Berkeley, California. The following segment will discuss the benefits of micro-credit loans for women and International Co-operative Day. As a promo for next week’s segments on sexual education, the last segment will discuss teen pregnancies in the US.

News and Views:The latest on: US President George Bush said on Sunday it would be an "affront to the Chinese people" if he did not attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, and Japan's Prime Minister announced he would go as well. Hundreds of protesters marched through Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan on Sunday as leaders from the top industrialized nations begin arriving for their annual Group of Eight Summit. Dr. Anvari is our guest.

The First Two Days: Mr. John Limbert, previous US diplomat to Iran talks about his book --Shiraz in the age of Hafez.

Late Edition: Top story: China’s crumbling wall.

NewsTalk: The show will discuss the latest events of Iran (Nuclear program, Mahmoud Abbas and Bashar Assad visit), as well as G8 Summit, Turkey’s recent events, formation of government of Lebanon. Our guests are Dr. Mehrdad Khansari, Parviz Dastmalchi, and Pedram Amir Soleimani.