Today’s Woman: The show will be broadcast from the San Francisco, California focusing on the Iranian Women's Studies Foundation's conference. Our correspondent Hamideh Aramideh will host the show and will be accompanied with two guests that are to be determined.

News and Views:The latest on: The show will cover U.S. Independence Day. An Iranian government spokesman says while the country is ready to negotiate on its nuclear program, Iran will not give up its right to enrich uranium. In Georgian military attack to Southern Ossetia, a few killed and some injured. Our guest is Dr. Reza Taghi Zadeh.

The First Two Days: Top Story: Energy security. Dr. Bahman Aghaii Diba, international analyst is our guest.

Late Edition: Top Story: US Independence Day.

NewsTalk: The show will discuss Iran week in review with Dr. Mehran Bartizaned Dr. Ali Afshari