Today's Woman: The show will discuss fitness for women

News and Views: The latest on. Iran: FM said the 5+1 incentive package is under serious consideration. Some members of Iran Majles have proposed that decision-making on Iran’s nuclear program be done in Majles. Israel says it will reopen border crossings with the Gaza Strip to allow commercial goods into the Palestinian territory. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki met key figures and tribal chiefs in the southern Shiite city of Amarah on Monday, and vowed to continue using force against Iraqis who defy what he called the will of the nation. Dr. Anvari is our guest

The First Two Days: The show will discuss Iran’s recent events with our guest Ali Reza Nouri Zadeh

Late Edition: Top story: U.S. Presidential presumptive nominees speak to Latinos, trying to win their support in the November elections

NewsTalk: The show will discuss the latest events of Iran (protest in Tehran and Mashad in relation to increase of the cost of living, inflation in Iran, increase of addiction, and Ahmadi Nejad’s report card on environment). Our guests are Dr. Syrous Amouzgar, Dr. Mehrdad Khansari, and Dr. Hamid Arabzadeh.