Today’s Woman will discuss prostitution in Iran with our guest Ms. Nahid Persson, director and filmmaker of "Prostitution Behind the Veil," an undercover look at prostitution in Iran. She will be joining us from Los Angeles. As a continuation of our weblog series, the last segment will discuss a blog about finding happiness from within yourself rather than seeking it externally.

News and Views advances its reports that senior officials at the State Department are considering a proposal to open an interest section in Tehran,. This would stop short of full diplomatic relations, but such a post could process visas for the United States. NaV will have an interview with Ambassador Jeffery Feldman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near East at the State Dept, to comment. British lawmakers decided to lift a ban on the main armed opposition group in Iran Monday, following a court decision last month that ruled the government had to remove it from a terrorist
blacklist. The order removing the Mojahedin Organization of, from Britain's list of proscribed groups will come into effect later this week. We will have our London stringer offer background on these reports.
NaV continues its coverage of the EU sanctions with reports that EU states have agreed to impose new sanctions on Iran. This includes an asset freeze and severe restrictions over the operations of Iran's largest bank, Bank Melli, in London.

Roundtable features a discussion with the State Department’s Goli Ameri. Topics include a conversation about the possibility of a US interests section in Iran.

Late Edition offers a report on the Israel/Hamas truce. There is also a look at the life of comedian George Carlin, a profile of the rock band Iron Maiden, and a medical report.

Newstalk hosts Nasser Mohamadi, via the London studio, and Dr.Alireza.Haghighi via remote from Toronto. Topics include the EU sanctions on Iran, Tehran’s banning of a journalist’s union, and Secretary of State Rice’s overtures to the Iranian people.