Today’s woman will discuss the role of potential First Ladies to be, Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. The following segments will discuss significant First Ladies from the past.

News and Views will advance is coverage of reports that authorities have shut down a Tehran newspaper after the paper published a story critical of President Ahmadinejad's stance on Israel. Tehran Today was banned on Saturday after the paper's editor was summoned to court for publishing material deemed as insulting Ahmadinejad, I We will have interviews from inside Iran with a representative from the paper. Residents of the capital Tehran could face up to four hours of blackouts each day, officials said according to media reports. We will have interviews from inside Iran to put this energy crisis in broader context.  We will also have a live in studio interview with Energy expert Hossein Ebn-i Yusef, on Sunday's Jeddah Conference, held by Saudi Arabia with the goal of  initiating a dialogue between oil producers and  consumers. NaV will have official at the State Dept. comment on reports that Senior officials at the State  are mulling a proposal to open an interest section in Tehran, similar to the one the US has operated in Havana since 1977.

Roundtable will focus on Iranians in Canadian society.  The guests are Canadian MP Monoher Misaghi live from Toronto, and Canadian Journalist Masha Allah Shamsolvaezin, live in the DC studio.

Late Edition will cover the Saudi Arabian conference of oil producers.  Later stories feature “pride” as a motivator of Olympic athletes, the life of music producer Quincy Jones, and a review of the new film “Wanted.” 

 Newstalk discusses human rights in Iran and abroad.  Guests include Activist Elahae Hicks and Shokouh Mirzadegi.