Today's Woman: Top story: Female circumcision in Africa and Kurdistan of Iran and Iraq. Our guests are Negin Sheikholeslami, journalist and researcher; and Dr. Homa Mahmoudi, Psychologist. We also have an interview with Dr. Sharif, Hana Abdi's attorney.

News and Views: The latest on:  An Israeli ceasefire with the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip began on Thursday. US state department calls the Middle East truce as good news. We will have interview with Walter Douglas, and Michael Ladin.

Roundtable: Top Story: Refugees International Day. Guest of the show is Mr. Bahman Moali Zadeh, refugees' activist

 Late Edition: Top Story: MidEast Evolution. Our guest is Ayat Najafi

NewsTalk: Review of world latest news with VOA reporters. The participants are Ms. Guita Aryan, Mr. Ali Sajjadi, Mr. Mohammad Reza Shahid, and Mr. Ali Javanmardi