Today’s Woman will discuss the works of Iranian immigrant authors in America – those who continued to write in Farsi and those who now write in English.  Among those to be discussed are: Sharnoosh Parsipour, Nasim Khakzar, and Abas Maroofi.  The next segment will discuss the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction.  The final segment will highlight the 2008 Tony Awards.  

News and Views reports that Britain and Europe are to agree tough new sanctions against Iran. P M Gordon Brown said new measures against Iran, including a freeze on overseas assets of the country's biggest bank, would be continue if the Islamic regime failed to address concerns over its nuclear ambitions.

Part 2 of the Lord Owen Interview Series airs today:  Owen, a doctor before he was a public figure discusses his new book, In Sickness and in Power.  It’s a study of the role of illness, mental and physical, in the careers of a selection of 20th-century political leaders ranging from Stalin and Hitler to JFK and the last shah of Iran.

NaV will also have a live interview with Goli Ameri. She is the current Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs. She ran for the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican in 2004, and is a former delegate to the UN. She was born in Tehran, Iran.

Roundtable  will discuss EU head Javier Solan’s visit to Iran, and Tehran’s response to the P5 +1 proposals. Guests are Dr. Bahman Diba in the DC studio and Dr. Ali Geranmayeh live from London.

Late Edition reports on the foreign policy platforms of presidential candidates Senators John McCain and Barak Obama.  Following will be stories on gay marriage in California, the Shanghai Film Festival, and the latest in sports.

Newstalk features a discussion of the Latest on Human Rights in Iran.

Guests are human rights activist Elahe Hicks in the NY studio and Arash Sigarchi in the DC Studio.