Today's Woman: The show will discuss gender equality, Forbes 100 most important celebrities and, enabling monkeys to use robots.

News and Views: The latest on President George W. Bush and Nicolas Sarcozy warn that a nuclear Islamic Republic would be a threat to peace and stability of the world. Javier Solana said West is ready to recognize Iran’s right to a peaceful non-military nuclear program.

Round Table: The show will have Parviz Ghelichkhani, former captain of the Iranian national soccer team. The topic will be the state of Iranian soccer.

Late Edition: Top story: Barak Obama and John McCain foreign policy.

NewsTalk:The show will discuss Iran latest events ( Nouri Al-Maleki’s comments on the unimportance of Iran and Iraq Security agreement, France’s efforts to distance Iran and Syria, Price hike in Iran and demonstration to protest it). Our guests are Dr. Syrous Amouzgar and Dr. Mehrdad Khansari.